APU Sales

Our company provides Sales and Installation of Auxiliary Power units for the Trucking Industry.  We have researched the market extensively and offer the best of the best on the market.  All you need to do is call our office to set up an appointment and one of our qualified mechanics will perform the installation for you.

  • NOTE: 
    • INSTALLATIONS ARE DONE AT 9527 Monroe, East M50, Suite B, Britton, MI 49229

The HP2000 unit has a two-cylinder Perkins engine that is tier 4 carb certified by the state of California, with a consumption rate of about 1/10 of a gal of fuel per hour.  It is a heat pump system that has two patented processes that provide complete comfort for your no idle needs. The cost of maintenance is very low with all the parts readily available at most local parts stores!  Replacement parts if needed are simple parts most suppliers can get their hands on, if not can be drop shipped from our supplier for a low-cost. It has a two-year warranty standard with a 5 year optional add-on but you shouldn’t need it!  This unit was designed by a trucker for a trucker and you know what that means simple… simple…. simply does the job!!!!

WE searched for a long time for a unit we could feel confident about we are truckers just like you and think this is the one. Feel free to check it out on the factory Web site hp2000apu.com then call us and set up an install in your route!

Installation takes only a day with one of our trained teams.  CALL US TODAY!!!!